CertSpin GRE

CertSpin GRE Vocab is a quiz app that contains 1500 words split into 60 quizzes.

  • Each quiz has a 'mastered/not-mastered' flag to help focus on the words that need to more practice.
  • Detailed stats show number of attempts and scores/attempt.
  • New content added regularly

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CertSpin PMP

CertSpin PMP iPad adaptive course with lots of content and interactive tools for learning

  • Drag and drop ITTO and process grid
  • Test your formula knowledge
  • Multiple quizes
  • Detailed stats
  • Learn concepts quickly

CertSpin Shakespeare

Test your Shakespeare knowledge! This is a word quiz with a 1000 words specific to Shakespeare plays.

  • Detailed stats allow for checking your number of attempts, average score etc.
  • 40 quizzes with 25 questions each for easy digestion
  • Resume a quiz anytime that you've started in the past

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